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Authentic tours to experience Burgundy !
In coupleGroup tours

Discover the vineyards of Burgundy

in a mythical French car !

Unique experiences to share !

For a romantic tour, with friends, or family
Your local guide take you on a tour through the Burgundy wine road.

2CV tours in the vineyard

2 to 3 people

Come on board in our Citroën 2CV and go on a tour on the Burgundy wine road, for a unique tour with your lover, friends or family. 

Tours in Estafette in Burgundy

2 to 7 people

Discover the vineyard of Burgundy in a mythical Renault Estafette, for a unique and fun experience !

Book your unique tour in Burgundy!

Go on a tour in a mythical 2cv through the Burgundy wine road and travel through time.

Customers reviews

In couple, with friends and family…
Good fun and good time to share ! 

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Informations covid-19

Dear travellers,
The experience takes place in and outside the car. Depending on the activities, we might also be inside a cellar or any other place we will visit.
Mask is not compulsory inside the car neither inside the cellars.

Book your tour in Burgundy.
See you soon on the Burgundy wine road!

Book a unique experience! !