Private lessons

Move at your own pace and in line with your goals:

Book your private course with a qualified and experienced teacher who listens to your needs.


Courses tailored to your needs to boost your French

A qualified, experienced, and friendly teacher!


For all levels

My goal:
Boost your French and help you better understand all the intricacies of the French way of life!

€45/ hour.

Price in action

1 to 2 hours of conversation


an authentic cultural experience

General French and travelling

  • Speak French for a walk in the city
  • Shop in French
  • Take what really makes you want at the restaurant
  • Unravel the mysteries of our stinking cheeses
  • Master the intricacies of French seduction…

You are beginner or advanced, express yourself in all situations and in all circumstances, and become familiar with French culture.

Depending on your level and your goals, I’ll provide you with useful vocabulary and phrases, a little grammar revision according to your needs, and let’s go!

In French please!


Private lessons


Where you're going to choose

General and professional French

Preparing for exams

  • You want to be more comfortable in French in your daily life or during your stay in France;
  • You need the Frenchman for your work;
  • You are preparing a diploma (TEF, TCF, Delf/Dalf) or you want to join a school in France;

I offer private courses in general and professional French and exam preparation courses, depending on your goals and the time you have.

I travel to your home or business, or to your hotel.

Contact me to define your needs and goals together!

Starting at €20/ 30min.

Online courses


Where you want it

Maximum flexibility


French with your coffee!

  • Are you on the other side of the world?
  • Would you rather stay at home?
  • Want to put more French in your daily life?

I’m helping you practice your French remotely.

Put more French people in your daily life!

Practice your French
in conversation
time for a coffee.


Contact me to define your needs and goals together.

Through my method of learning, you are in action!

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