Vocational training

Give your professional career a new lease of life!

Language skills specific to your profession

A team of qualified and experienced professors who know your professional field

An intercultural approach to familiarise yourself with French culture

A program focused on acquiring communicative and linguistic skills in French specific
to your professional world,

to combine with hands-on courses and workshops with professionals in your sector.

Intensive or integrated courses

Groups and individuals at all levels

Preparing for exams and integrating training in France

The objectives of our programs

  • Express yourself with ease and fluidity in a professional situation
  • Strengthen vocabulary and basic grammar points
  • Acquire vocabulary specific to your professional world
  • Getting acquainted with French culture to better understand and work with the French

Rates on demand


Language Skills and Goals – Examples

Oenology and sensory analysis:

  • Understanding and animate a wine tasting in French
  • The aromas of wine
  • Animation techniques for a group of French-speaking clients
  • Etc.

Economy and wine


  • Describe the economic environment of a wine, talk about the market, comment on encrypted data
  • Marketing a wine, proposing the launch of a new product
  • Doing business: presenting, arguing, negotiating with French people
  • Etc.

Viticulture and wine tourism:

  • Talking about the vine cycle
  • Present the different winemaking and wine-growing techniques
  • Welcome a client to the Domain for a commented visit
  • Etc.

Rates on demand


Language Skills and Goals – Examples

Cuisine and restaurant:

  • Spotting in the kitchen/ in a restaurant: name the facilities
  • Identify kitchen brigade staff
  • Know and use the basic ingredients
  • Know the basics
  • Knowing and mastering the arts of the table, setting up
  • In-room service: meeting the customer’s needs
  • Food critics: expressing their preferences, your tastes
  • Food and wine pairings: describe and present a wine, associate it with a dish
  • Manage a reservation, welcome and meet the customer’s requirements
  • Etc.

Regulation and organization of work:

  • Understanding and complying with working standards and rules
  • Understand and give an order
  • Understanding and scheduling, organizing and distributing work tasks within a team
  • Etc.

Written skills:

  • Understand and produce a manufacturing fact sheet
  • Understanding the technical characteristics of a device
  • Understand and write a map
  • Etc.

Organization of the program

  • Diagnosis

    Levels, needs and goals set up ahead of training.

  • Training plan

    Developing and proposing a training plan tailored to your needs.

  • Action approach

    Based on the 4 skills of the CECRL

  • Certificate of completion
    of training

    Delivered at the end of the course mentioning the number of hours of courses taken and the level reached for each participant.


Understanding/Written Understanding/ Oral Production/ Written Production

Our goal:

Boost your French and your professional career
help you master the intricacies of French culture to facilitate your relationships at work.

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