Frequent questions

– My French Tour –

Warning to high-flying tourists, flying over is not my specialty!

I don’t promise to see everything or do everything.

I share with you my taste for quality:

that of the past, of meetings, of the work of craftsmen who highlight the Burgundy terroir.

How many people can get on my 2cv?

3 people max. Your pet if you have one and it is small.

Are children welcome on board?

Of course!
Let me know so I can plan a raiser.
You can also bring your baby seat.

I have a dog, is he welcome?

Yes, as long as he’s nice and he’s on your lap.

Will I be able to fasten my seat belt?

Of course! Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory, it guarantees your safety.

Can I do tricks all year round?

The activity of the 2cv tours takes place from April to November, but if you come to Burgundy in the winter, call me a little in advance so that I take my car out of the garage.

If it rains, is the tour cancelled?

Why would you do that? All we have to do is go out covered and everything will be fine (my 2hp is equipped with a brand new condom).

In which languages can the tricks be made?

I speak English, Spanish, and French. So I can offer you a tour in these three languages. But if you want a tour in another language, in Portuguese, Russian, or Chinese, it’s also possible, with another guide.

Can I practice my French at the same time as I go for a walk?

Of course! You will simply have to ask me before you book your tour.

Are 2cv rides private or can I be in the car with another traveller?

Unless I offer it, the towers are always private.

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