The concept

- My French Tour -

Epicureans at heart and creators of emotion!

My French Tour is a clever mix of madness, epicureanism, and authenticity. So it’s only natural that we aim to:

  • make you live an experience that is both chic and sincere
  • share with you our passion for our region of Burgundy and its wines recognized worldwide
  • stop time and provoke beautiful encounters
  • simply make you feel alive.

We always give the best of ourselves, with the sole purpose of pleasing you, because it makes us happy!

Gift Idea: offer a journey through time!
Appetizer in the Burgundy vineyards

Sharing as a philosophy

Epicureans and fine gourmets, we believe that life is like good wine: it is much more flavorful when shared.
We share with you the wines we love, and through them, we introduce you to the men and women who nurture them. We invite you to discover the treasures of our region.

We take you on the wine route, both the Route des Grands Crus and the lesser-known ones, on the great holiday road and off the beaten path, to meet passionate and fascinating people.

You have chosen Burgundy and you have a good nose, let us take you on a vibrant and explosive outing!

The eco-friendly love of retro

Because we’ve always had a soft spot for the old, and because we hate to throw away, we’ve embarked on car recycling, in other words: the renovation of vintage cars.
In these times of forced globalization, we unabashedly display our fondness for the gems of the French automotive industry: Citroën for its legendary 2CV, Renault and its famous Estafette Alouette.

In the beginning, there was the 2CV...

A 1986 2CV6 Club, fully renovated – a project that lasted two years. Ah, the 2CV! Holidays for everyone, picnics by the roadside, manual windshield wipers… Our 2CV is undoubtedly our favorite for a romantic getaway through the typical villages of the wine route and their old stones that whisper as it passes by.

Visit Burgundy in an Estafette (7 seats)

And Renault created the Estafette Alouette...

Yes, but here’s the thing, we won’t do like Aunt Suzanne who used to go on vacation with ‘4 in the back’ in uncle’s 2CV. We have something better to offer you: a beautiful 1974 Estafette, all ready to regain its youthful spirit, and it welcomes 7 of you, please!

My French Tour is an invitation to live an experience
that makes sense of your journey.

Mélanie Pereira

Who is behind My French Tour?

I am Mélanie. I am a local girl.
At the wheel of my 2CV or my Estafette, I invite epicureans to take the path of the vines, hair in the wind, for a timeless journey on the Burgundy wine route.

  • My 2CVs: a speedster from 1986 that I have completely renovated. An adventure that lasted nearly 2 years before being able to drive safely. Its big sister, the Charleston, joined the adventure this year.
  • My favorite wine: if there had to be just one…
    Lucky charm: a wrench, it can come in handy when driving an old car…
  • Favorite pastry: a Paris-Brest for afternoon tea.
  • Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, Burgundian.
  • Favorite proverb: It’s not the destination but the journey that counts!




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